What is CRECO Research? - Service Guide in English –

CRECO – Card Linked Offer


CRECO– provided by IT Realize Co.,Ltd.- is a powerful and easy-to-use Android/iOS app for Japanese credit card users.

All users have to do is adding their credit card information to CRECO. They can check credit card usage records in calendar format.

CRECO also delivers targeted questionnaires and offers from restaurants, card companies, ad agencies and so on. Users can earn points by answering questionnaries and using offers.

CRECO point is exchangeable to major electronic points in Japan, for example, Amazon Gift Cards, PeX point Gift, Edy Gift ID, nanaco Gift, NET CASH, and so on.

CRECO Research – Card Linked Research



CRECO Resarch is research solution utilizing big data of credit card usage history amassed on CRECO platform. You can target questionnaire answerers on the basis of the past purchase records.

Targeting examples:

  • Customers of competing shops
  • Users of a specific credit card
  • Platinum credit card holders, high-amount payers
  • Residents in the business region

Research menu:

  • Research & Promotion
  • Brief Version of Mystery Shopping
  • HUT(Home Use Tests)
  • Recruiting Group Interview Participants


  • Raw Data – Excel format
  • Spreadsheet(Simple-tab & Cross-tab) – Excel format
  • Survey Report – PDF format


Spreadsheet Sample
CRECOリサーチ 集計表サンプル
Survey Report Sample
CRECOリサーチ 報告書サンプル


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